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As a collector of their live recordings for many years I want to share some of the better quality material with other fans. By selecting the higher quality recordings I hope to present The Stranglers in the best possible light for the benefit of those less familiar with their material than the hardcore fan.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

'Absolut Live' Bremen 18th February 1997 - Audio Rip

OK, we've known each other for some time now and I feel that I can be on the level with you good people. I first acquired this recording (the DVD) some 7 or 8 years ago i.e. many years after the event. I played it and quite frankly thought it was awful. Sadly, it reaffirmed my my belief that to walk away when I did in '93 was for me the right decision.

Happily, this was a low point and to look now at footage of the band playing to huge festival crowds... well it is testament to the resilience and perhaps sheer bloody mindedness that is so deeply ingrained in the band that has seen them through so many significant anniversaries.

I am not going to denigrate the Paul Roberts years (I didn't in 1993 and don't intend to now). If the band had not endured these years in the wilderness, I don't suppose they would be the band that they are now and I would not be enjoying great gigs in the company of old mates in 2013!

As I have said previously I want to cover all 35+ years on this site, regardless of whether or not it floats my boat, hence requests to fill the 1991 to 2005 sized hole in the collection.



01. Intro
02. Golden Boy
03. Straighten Out
04. In Heaven She Walks
05. Always The Sun
06. Money
07. Golden Brown
08. Sinister
09. Silver Into Blue
10. Hanging Around
11. No More Heroes
12. Summer In The City
13. Valley Of The Birds


  1. Hi, Adrian !
    Felt the same ... There was a time I didn't feel like listening to them. But the last CDs are so great, that it gives me a kick.
    Thanks for the good things you're sharing.
    Rapidshare is working again ...

  2. Hi Adrian
    Thanks for the post today. I think the Paul Roberts era was ok,always seeing the band each tour. Rapidshare working ok.
    West Bromwich

  3. Hi Adrian,
    I like your straightforward opinion. Still, I was happy the band returned/survived in some form and honestly I enjoyed quite some gigs during the 'Roberts years'. So, keep 'em coming too.
    Rapidshare is working fine.

  4. At the time of '10' I felt it was the weakest album by far, and the band were going stale. Therefore I feared the worst when Hugh left. Life without the MIB was unthinkable. So I embraced whatever they gave me (good & not so good). Paul Roberts was the bridge to the present day. So thank you PR. (but we could have done without the writhing about on stage !!)

  5. Like you, I walked away in 93 and I'm grateful to those who continued to support the band during the 'painful' times it was a long precursor to the rebirth of a band that once again excites people and are winning new fans along the way. Long live the boys!
    Thanks again Adrian.

  6. mega thanks for this post.i never walked away from the stranglers i thought [still think] that in the night was a great album where 10 was ok at best .coup de grace was terrible by far the worst album they ever did followed by 10.i liked the pr years and the solo album states of play is far better than anything hugh has done since leaving the stranglers.gummy

  7. States of play is crap, P.R. is even worse without the band, and with all due respect if you think ....... ack not getting into a fight about this. You're entitled to your opinion, even if you are WRONG!

    1. a differance of opinion here between me and meanie.what would you say is the worst hc era stranglers album?in your opinion was there a good pr era album? i don't mind being told i'm wrong and i'll still buy you a pint but at least opinions being voiced.nice one .gummy

    2. Probably 10, although I don't really hate any of them, as for PR era, ITN and Norfolk Coast aren't bad. To be completely honest my issue with Roberts is that personally I found him REALLY annoying, his voice, mannerisms, songwriting, stage antics, the fact that he deliberately (in my opinion) set out to murder all the Stranglers songs that were written before he came along, all of these factors are why I walked away for a time, still bought the albums, although I think I only listened to a couple of them once or twice. It's always going to be a hot topic and it's personal preference, I grew up with Cornwell, if PR had been the singer then, I honestly don't think they would have had the same appeal to me.
      I hope that answers your question... don't plan on coming home until 2014 so I might let you buy me a pint then ;-)

  8. hello just to let you know i downloaded this one without a problem

  9. Must admit, I like "In the Night" tho I have to agree, it did all get stale a few albums after.
    Great site by the way

    Cheers Carl