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Welcome to Aural Sculptors, a blog aimed at bringing the music of The Stranglers to as wide an audience as possible. Whilst all of the various members of the band that have passed through the ranks since 1974 are accomplished studio musicians, it is on stage where the band have for me had their biggest impact.

As a collector of their live recordings for many years I want to share some of the better quality material with other fans. By selecting the higher quality recordings I hope to present The Stranglers in the best possible light for the benefit of those less familiar with their material than the hardcore fan.

Needless to say, this site will steer well clear of any officially released material. As well as live gigs, I will post demos, radio interviews and anything else that I feel may be of interest.

In addition, occasionally I will post material by other bands, related or otherwise, that mean a lot to me.

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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Dear Prudence vs. The Raven - One Of Those Mash Up Things

Whilst searching for something on the Raven, I stumbled across this on a DJ site. Whilst I love both songs, I'm not sure how well this works, but it's worth a listen.

20 From '79 (2) The Stranglers Markthalle Hamburg 27th November 1979

Top dog, high quality bootleg, probably the best from 1979. The Raven flies over Germany! As the wind and rain lashes Britian on 27th November 2012 wouldn't you like to transport yourself back through 33 years to this night in Hamburg!

There is no more to be added to this one, other than ignore at your peril and enjoy!



NEW LINK Artwork:

1. Five Minutes
2. Shah Shah A Go Go
3. Ice
4. Down In The Sewer
5. Hanging Around
6. The Raven
7. Dead Loss Angeles
8. Threatened
9. Tank
10. Burning Up Time
11. Bring On The Nubiles
12. Nuclear Device-Genetix
13. Duchess-Toiler On The Sea

Adam Ant On Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 2 Saturday 24th November 2012

A bit of a late tour and album plug, Adam Ant was interviewed by Steve Lamacq on UK BBC Radio 2 when Steve stood in for regular DJ Dermot O'Leary last Saturday afternoon.

Only three dates are left to play on his latest UK tour.

The interview can be downloaded here.

Sunday 25 November 2012

35th Anniversary of the Hope & Anchor's Front Row Festival

Following on from the excellent piece on the Strangler's participation in the Front Row Festival, hosted by the Hope & Anchor pub in Islington, there is really very little that I can add.

Sadly, the audiovisual record of the band's many appearances at the famous venue are limited to that one night of 22nd November 1977.

All that I can offer is a couple of bits that bracket the band's critical association with this venue.

Firstly an add in one of the UK weekly music papers from December 1975 announcing the start of a '25 year residency'. The add is notable as just above the Stranglers, the end of a residency of one Kilburn & The High Roads is announced.... something of a baton change in many respects.

Next is an add for the event (prior to The Stranglers being announced):

..... and a band shot outside with a good few recognisable faces

.... and finally that cheeky shot with the bands and their mums

As I said,  until someone finds an old box of tapes gathering dust in an attic somewhere in London and in amongst the Duck Deluxe, Tyla Gang and Bees Make Honey bootlegs there is one of those residency dates, the 22nd November recording is all we have.

Until such time arrives, please content yourselves with an account of the band's time at the Hope, here.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Site Participation?

In a quiet moment, just checking up on some stats I looked at the downloads generated for certain posts.

The recent JJ and Jet interview from BBC Radio 6 has been downloaded 779 times and generated....... 0 comments.

This particular interview was posted for the benefit of those that missed it in the UK and those outside of the UK that either were unaware of the broadcast or could not access it online.

I have stated before that I do not want to moan, but for so many people to actively download something without a single acknowledgement is rather trying!

I know those that are appreciative and supportive of the site and it's much appreciated. This message goes out to those who download everything and contribute nothing. I think that you know who you are. Please don't be selfish.

20 From '79 (1) Angelic Upstarts 'In Concert' 22nd September 1979

Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts
What's to be said about the Upstarts. Hailing from South Shields and lead by ex-miner Thomas Mensforth (a.k.a Mensi) the Upstarts have for the past 30 plus years been uncompromising in their socialist/anti-fascist stance. In doing so they have written some of the songs that represent the best of political punk, including 'Guns For The Afghan Rebels', 'Solidarity' and 'Woman in Disguise'.
Always great to see live, I hope that Mensi, as planned, pulls the band back together in 2013 for some more dates.
In the meantime, here's a BBC Radio 1 broadcast of the band recorded on 22nd September for the 'In Concert' series.
01. Police Oppression
02. Never Again
03. We Are The People
04. I'm An Upstart
05. Student Power
06. Teenage Warning
07. The Murder Of Liddle Towers

1979 The Year Punk Broke For Me - Well Sort Of

In 1979, I achieved double figures (age-wise that is). It is also the year in which I started consciously to listen to music off my own back and to seek it out (the two Abba albums bought for me at Christmas several years earlier don't count in this narrative!).

If I can pinpoint a moment when the light bulb first illuminated it could well have been in the backroom of a pub called The Royal Oak in Sussex. Occasionally, I would accompany my parents to this country pub on a Sunday lunchtime and I would take the opportunity to play a game or two of pool with my Dad (dependent on whether 10ps were in hand). Along with a pool table, this back room also housed a thing of mystery.... a jukebox. These machines had held a fascination for me before  really knew what they were, simply because of how they operated. In 2012, when pubs have MP3 based machines that can hold 50,000 songs there is nothing to be seen. However, in 1979, jukeboxes were designed in such a way as to display  the mechanism and to show the transfer of the selected 7" vinyl from the 'library' to the player.

Anyway, it was one of these Sunday afternoon visits that was to give me my first hearing of contemporary music (that wasn't regular on Radio 2, as favoured by my parents). These songs I can recall as being Squeeze's 'Cool For Cats' and Tubeway Army's 'Are Friends Electric?', the latter track would date this to September 1979. These are two very distinctive tracks and both, in very different ways capture 1979 for me!

Up to this point, and since 1975 I suppose it must have been, my preoccupation was football and more specifically Stoke City. My first game was Brighton vs Stoke in the '76/'77 season (I lived 10 miles north of Brighton at this time). Bless him, for he wasn't to know, but my Dad took me into the North Stand of The Goldstone Ground which was the terrace for the Brighton faithful. The trouble here was that I was dressed in head to toe in red and sporting a Stoke rosette that was at least 1/4 of the size of me! As a consequence of my ostentatious display in favour of the away team a Brighton fan kicked me as I followed my Dad down the terrace to the front. Now I know that this doesn't exactly stand shoulder to shoulder with the worst excesses of 1970's British football hooliganism, but hey, this kid must have been about 14 and from a 7 year old's perspective that's a good as a grown up!

It was I think prior to the same fixture the following season that my Grandfather (the reason I selected Stoke to be my team) read in the local Brighton evening paper that expected to be on the bench the following Saturday was a 16-year old Adrian Heath. Now this would have been unremarkable were it not for my unusual middle name which happens to be Heath. It is my mother's maiden name and a common surname in Staffordshire.

The other Adrian Heath did not play on the day, but it was enough to kick-start a correspondence with Diane, the club secretary, that resulted in a series of letters and signed photos from 'Inchy' and culminated in a guided tour with him of the Victoria Ground with introductions to the team. This was prior to a game against Blackburn Rovers on the Easter weekend of 1978.

Adrian Heath Andrews meets Adrian Heath
Easter 1978

A couple of years later Adrian signed for Everton, two years after that Stoke went into a bit of a tailspin and my interest in he game started to peter out (it's not that I was a glory fan, I'm not sure that that term can be rightfully applied to a Stoke fan!), as any available funds were diverted away from Shoot! and football programmes to vinyl.

And so we have 1979, in my opinion the greatest year for music ever. Punk may have died on a San Francisco stage with the immortal words 'Ever get the feelin' you've been cheated?'. Or did it just mutate into something different but every bit as exiting. The bands that played the Red Cow and the Nashville had graduated to the Rainbow and Hammersmith Odeon having moved into a more conventional routine of working rock bands, but in so many cases the music was still as diverse and exiting as before. These bands could now play, were studio savvy and eager to build on early gained success.

Many of the albums released that year were never bettered, The Raven, Machine Gun Etiquette, A Different Kind Of Tension, Setting Sons, Metal Box, London Calling, Armned Forces........

If that wasn't enough, the next wave of musical herberts were also throwing their collective hats into the ring.

The Specials, Replicas, The Crack, Dirk Wears White Sox, One Step Beyond, Inflammable Material......

In short there was a wealth of great music coming from every concievable angle of influence.

My problem was that I was just a couple of yeas too young to get the full benefit of it (not least on the live side of things). Look through the gig-listings of any UK music weekly and it is clear that a Time Machine would be required to get to the half dozen or so must-see gigs that were being played across the country every single night!

So, by now you know the format, 20 from '79. I will try to have as many bands covered, but equally I have no qualms in putting up artists that also appear in the 1980 thread.

Please feel free to share any memories of '79 gigs that you had the pleasure (or courage in some cases) of attending.

Monday 19 November 2012

Cambridge Corn Exchange 17th November 2012 - Squeeze Redeem Themselves... and How!

A few weeks ago, as part of the 20 from 80 series of posts, I included a gig by Squeeze. At that time, I commented that I found the experience less than enjoyable, despite loving their music. I also mentioned that I had tickets to see them play in Cambridge this month. That gig took place on Saturday night and I am happy to say that it was one of the best gigs that I have been to.

Every aspect of their set was near perfect, from the keyboard player (surely the bastard son of Ron Mael and Sean Locke!) who played out of his skin to the drummer, who was a joy to watch perform. All band members gave it their all I think.

All the hits were present and correct (they were really, really tight on the night) and even the new material ('Tommy' and 'Top of the Form') were excellent and worthy of the Squeeze label.

What ever happened on that night back in 1989, did not happen on Saturday. This gig was a celebration of the work of one of the best band's that Britain have produced.

Go and see them if you can.

'Is That Love?'
Cambridge Corn Exchange
17th November 2012
Cropredy Festival
9th August 2012

Christian Fishes

On the road, some people like to spot Eddie Stobart lorries, others see who can spot the most cars of a particular colour. I spend my time looking out for Christian Fishes.

The origin of the Christian fish goes back to the birth of the faith, when in the face of persecution from their polytheistic Roman overlords, Chritian groups identified themselves and their subterranian places of worship with the simple mark of the fish.

I am not anti-Christian, but I am an atheist. I do however have some problems with the idea of creationist theory, when even many prominent scientists can accommodate the principles of evolution within their own Christian beliefs.

Some years ago, my attention was drawn to the existance of the Darwin Fish. I though that this was brilliant and subtle with it.

This version decorates our fridge at home.

Yesterday, I saw another variant on this theme on a car outside Epping tube station.... I had to take a picture.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Sorry, more charity based sibling caterwauling!

So, here we go again, the second instalment of my children's musical efforts, with the aim of sending the bigger one to the other side of the Earth for a month! The rationale for the trip is explained here.

Anyway, this song, a homage to footwear related violence, is a tribute to Nancy Sinatra, with something of a nod to the mighty Symarip. Here is then, 'These Boots Are Made For Walking'.

As before, should you feel inclined, there is a PayPal donation button.

Heartfelt thanks goes to those how have already 'sponsored' Rudi, it really is appreciated!

Saturday 17 November 2012

Stages, Metro Chicago 23rd November 1980 - NEW LINKS ADDED

New active links have been added to an old post of this gig which can be found here.

My Stranglers

Here's some recollections from Dean of seeing the band in the late '70's through to late '80s. Thanks for taking the time Dean.

I’d first got into the stranglers during 1978. My friend Ian had the first 3 albums on cassette. And over the period of that year I must have kept Black and White for most of it.

I’d heard the singles from 77 and was, up to then just interested in them. It took a while for me to get my head around a whole albums worth of material. Rattus being the most immediate, and B+W being the one I really liked. Especially Toiler.

My first Stranglers gig was in Cardiff Top Rank 31st October 1979. Raven Tour. I’d been unsuccessful in my attempt to get a 3D cover for the album. (this took some time, I had to wait for E-bay)

This was going to be my 3rd ever gig. The previous two being the boomtown rats in 78 and the previous day 30th Oct 79.

The Rats gig was and still is one of my all time favourite gigs. Just an exciting, hot and sweaty pogoathon. To see the Stranglers the next day was a dream come true. The Skids were to play in Cardiff the day after the Stranglers, but my 14 year old pocket money could only stretch so far.

I can’t remember much about the Stranglers gig. Apart from JJ, Hugh and Jet jumping into the crowd as they played the start to the Raven to sort out a punter who to be fair to the band, had been given prior warning, but continued to spit at the band.

Much to my disappointment they didn’t continue with the raven. Or play heroes, or Something better change, or Peaches! WTF?

I have no idea who the support act was that night. I do remember buying a programme and a Stranglers Patch, which is still on my denim jacket to this day.

I, like most fans I suspect, loved the Raven album, so when the Gospel album was released, I didn’t get it at all at first.

My second Stranglers gig was 09 Feb 1981 in the Bristol Locarno. This was a small club based in a concrete complex which looked much like a multi storey car park, and also housed the local Ice Rink. They had played, in 1980 in the Colston Hall, just round the corner from the Locarno, but for some reason I didn’t go. Getting tickets for gigs in other cities has become so much easier since the internet.

On this occasion, we (Ian and I) had conned a mate to take us to the gig and while we were there, wait for us in the Ice Rink.

I remember not knowing many of the songs off the Gospel album as it hadn’t been released by then. (Obviously) But like all the gigs up to 86, they were very hot, intense affairs.

There can’t be many bands who release and tour two albums in the same year. This the Stranglers did in 81. The La Folie tour coming to the now long gone, Sophia Gardens in Nov. A horrid barn like place, where the sound would bounce off the back wall. But after the roof collapsed in the winter of 82 Cardiff was without a reasonably sized venue until St Davids Hall was built. A long wait.

I have no recollection of Taxi girl but I do remember Mr Sprats. I think they were the first band I ever saw booed off. We would see them again at the end of the Stranglers set making up the ‘La Folie’ letters. What was that all about?

This gig marked my first attempt to write down the setlist from what I could remember. Something I try to do up to this day.

It took me a long time to get into La Folie. Even now I only really listen to the first side. Pin Up? Really?

I remember being disgusted that they didn’t release Tramp after GB. In what universe is it a good idea to release a song sung in French about a man who eats his girlfriend? If ever an example of drugs being bad for you was needed, here it is. One of many bad decisions.

In Feb of 82 we were back in Bristol again. This time without a ticket. We queued up while all the ticket holders went in. Ian had managed to buy a ticket from a guy who wasn’t old enough to get in. I had to wait until almost 9 before I got in. I was the last one let in! The band just started to play Sewer as I walked in. As far as I’m aware, the set is much the same as the first leg.

I saw them 3 times in 83. Cardiff and Nottingham on the Feline tour, and the Reading Festival.

Cardiff was notable for it was the first time I’d seen them on my own. Also during the gig Hugh asked the crowd to entertain him. But just shouting held no interest for him. He did make a mess of Never say goodbye. And after a couple of failed attempts gave up. I shouted that they should play peaches as it was easier. I got a stern look for my trouble. Although they did play Tank later on instead.

I really liked the bit between EF and MSD where JJ would punch his bass. Just so cool!

This gig also was the latest finish to a concert apart from G n R. Way past midnight. When I phoned my mum to come and pick me up, my dad said she’s in bed. Make your own way home. Charming!

Ian was in college in Newark at this time so he got me a ticket for Nottingham. The first time I’d seen them in a seated venue. Not ideal for the pogoing. But at least Hugh got NSG right.

Who can forget Nic Malham. Had to admire his bottle. Just him and a backing tape. Still crap though.

'No 50 pence pieces for Nik.... poor old bugger'
Nik Malham 'entertains' the Stranglers horde in 1983

Reading was a dream line up for me. By this time I was well into heavy metal and prog so the bill suited me fine. Take a bow Big Country, Marillion, and the final performance in the UK of Thin Lizzy!

An amazing 3 days. Just the icing on the cake when our car wouldn’t start on the Monday morning, and we had to call my mates parents to come and get us. His mum was so pissed that I would drag her son (right! Drag) to such a place. It wasn’t looking its best after the festival finished mind.

Have to mention one thing. After Lizzy finished we were on our way back to the tent. For some reason Im barefoot, and I cut my foot on a can. I hobble to our tent where the first aiders were waiting! How did they know where to go? I don’t know. Uncanny.

By the next time I see the Stranglers Ive seen some of the heavy metal eras best bands and memorable gigs. Maiden, Saxon, Dio, Rainbow, ACDC, Quo.. the list goes on. A golden era.

When Aural Sculpture comes out and they have a brass section on it, it kinda goes against the grain somewhat. But I have to say the band in Shepton Mallet was one of my favourite strangler gigs.

We did the ‘Chicken’ and pogoed all though the gig, even to the slower ones and they finished with Toiler. Fabulous! The smell of cow shit doesn’t and cannot dampen my enthusiasm.

We also go and see them the next night in Bournemouth. Talk about OAP land. They do almost the same set but play the Raven instead of Toiler, but it isn’t as good as the previous night.

The next gig is on the Dreamtime tour in Gloucester Leisure centre. And hands down this is the worst time I’ve seen them. Everything that that I loved about them is missing. The aggression, intensity just isn’t there. I dunno, is it me?

I have discovered a band from the USA called Metallica, and they seem to take up most of my listening around this time. As well as a, well, to call it a gig wouldn’t do it justice. More a riot when Metallica play Cardiff with Anthrax supporting. This is more like it. The speed, aggression that Ive been looking for.

I do not see the Stranglers for 7 years. I see them with Paul only twice. It’s just not the same.

The next time I go is in 2006.

They are on my doorstep again and I know they are a four piece again. And it’s a revelation.

They have the old swagger, the old attitude. The old sound. I like the new CD suite sixteen. And I’ve been back every tour since. I have my ticket for next year as well.

So memories from back in the day? Heat, intimidation, aggression, JJ on one leg and karate kicks and so cool,

Hugh seeming uninterested, but witty, Jet –don’t make eye contact. Dave, well it’s Dave innit?

Waiting forever for an encore. Well it seemed like it.

Taking years to find out it was ‘Bruce and Sheila’ in Nuclear Device.

I remember going out in Cardiff one night . We got talking to some blokes. They asked us what kind of music we were into, we said The Stranglers. Oh, Says one, I used to like the Stranglers, but now I like George Benson!

George Benson is now officially music for retired Stranglers fans! Makes me smile every time I think of it.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

JJ & Jet On BBC 6 Music With Steve Lamacq 14th November 2012

Our very own Jean-Jacques Burnel and Jet Black interviewed on tonight's classic album feature on Steve Lamacq's BBC 6 Music programme. Great little interview and maybe another in road into the heart of the BBC!


Monday 12 November 2012

Rudi Can't Fail??

Hi Folks,

This post is a little different to the run of the mill posts that appear on these pages. In July 2014, my son, Rudi, is down to participate in a school expedition to to Borneo.

The idea is that young teenagers, having completed their GCSEs, travel either to Borneo or Cambodia (depending upon environmental and political stability in those regions at the time of travel) to spend a month contributing to a range of social and conservational projects that meet the particular needs of the local population and environment as required. These activities may include amongst other things:

  • assistance with school/clinic construction
  • teaching children and adults within schools
  • assisting in planting and harvesting activities
  • reforestation activities
  • marine monitoring

As well as engaging with the local community, there are opportunities for recreation that with luck would lead to a PADI scuba qualification.


This trip is unsurprisingly very expensive (it goes beyond the trip to France and the obligatory trek to the Science Museum that I did!) and as such the candidates are expected to use their own initiative to formulate ideas that will generate the funding of the trip on the back of their own efforts.

Of the money raised, approximately 50% goes directly into the funding of the projects that the children themselves become involved with.

It happens that Rudi is an enthusiatic music student and he suggested busking. We looked into the feasability of this and found that such a plan involves local council licencing issues amonst other considerations. However, some exposure on these pages is easy as a first step (call it on-line busking!). In the video on the right of this page is a Youtube clip in which Rudi and his sister, Ramona, perform 'Bohemian Like You' by The Dandy Warhols. Please take a look if you have the inclination and the time.

For my part, these pages are put together with the intention to bring the music of The Stranglers to as many people as possible. Previously, site visitors have covered the cost of my Rapidshare subscription that will ensure the continuation of the site for the foreseeable future. I have absolutely no desire to make any money for myself out of this site other than in order to cover the annual running costs. However, in terms of funding opportunities for something very worthwhile I have added a Paypal button to the site. It's entirey up to you, but if you are a frequent downloader from this site or perhaps if you missed the opportunity to contribute towards the subscription (as several said they did) any small donation would go towards the funding of this expedition. In doing it in this way, I think that inititive is with Rudi. If there is any interest, they have other stuff lined up! Gunta is thinking 'The White Stripes' here..... I'm more inclined towards Peters and Lee!

Thanks in advance.


Sunday 11 November 2012

Saturday 10 November 2012

UEA Norwich 10th November 2008

JJ eyes the crowd
University of East Anglia, Norwich
10th November 2008

Ok folks, here's one from this night recorded on the FortyTwoForty tour. A great set regardless of what the detractors said.



1. Intro
2. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
3. Five Minutes
4. Peaches
5. Nice N Sleazy
6. Spectre Of Love
7. Skin Deep
8. No Mercy
9. Always The Sun
10. Strange Little Girl
11. Golden Brown
12. The Raven
13. Thrown Away

1. Walk On By
2. Hanging Around
3. Straighten Out
4. Big Thing Coming
5. All Day And All Of The Night
6. Duchess
7. Tank
8. Nuclear Device
9. Something Better Change
10. No More Heroes

JJ Burnel, UEA

'Where's Jet?', UEA

'There he is!', UEA

Madness Finsbury Park 6th August 1994

Here's a great sounding recording (1st generation BBC Radio 1 broadcast) of what I recall was the second Madstock. Suggs makes a joke concerning Morrissey, a reference to the latter's ill-considered performance at the first Madstock gathering in 1992.

The line up on the day was great, with Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Buzzcocks and Aswad. As I remember the weather was great. I also recall the sight of a mature tree quite near to the stage that appeared to be bearing a strage fruit.... a crop of skinheads!

Here's some artwork (not mine) with the tracklisting:

Note: This version is 21 tracks long (with 'Tomorrow's Just Another Day' as the first track on disc 2).




Tuesday 6 November 2012

Cherry Hill Emerald City New Jersey 10th October 1980

If the news is to believed today there's sommat doing down in the States today.... may the best man win (so long as it's Obama!). I know it's not much of an excuse to put up a gig, but who cares.

This one is a pretty good sounding recording from the ill-fated American leg of the 'Who Wants The World' tour as requested by MeAnIe.




1. Intro
2. Shah Shah A Go Go/Ice
3. Toiler On The Sea
4. Duchess
5. Hanging Around
6. Baroque Bordello
7. Down In The Sewer
8. Who Wants The World
9. Thrown Away
10. Just Like Nothing On Earth
11. Threatened
12. Tank
13. Nuclear Device
14. Genetix
15. Five Minutes
16. The Raven.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Horace Panter Interviewed on Johnny Walker's Sounds Of The '70s BBC Radio 2

Here's a brief interview with Sir Horace, broadcast on UK's BBC Radio 2 this afternoon.



Hugh Cornwell Tavistock Wharf - Review in The Spectator

Yesterday, my attention was drawn to the following review which appears in the current issue of the spectator magazine (3rd November). It's a rather odd review from someone who purports to have been a rock journalist, but who seems to have very little time for the genre. There is also very little said about the gig. But here it is for what it is worth....

Salle De Le Cite Rennes 4th November 2004

Here's a nice sounding Mark III recording from this day 8 years ago from the European leg of the Norfolk Coast tour. At this point, the band were taking the first steps back to critical acclaim as the aforementioned album had something of the energy and spirit of old (characteristics sadly lacking in the previous two albums). Unsurprisingly, this set showcases much of the material to be found on 'Norfolk Coast'.

OK, so this is another anniversary gig, but that's not really the point of it. Actually, posting this gig is little more than a thinly veiled excuse to post this photograph which shows just how obsession can impact upon family life. I give you Paul Cooklin and family on assignment in Norfolk! So very sad!!



1. Intro
2. Norfolk Coast
3. Skin Deep
4. Big Thing Coming
5. Peaches
6. I Don't Agree
7. All Day And All Of The Night
8. Always The Sun
9. Long Black Veil
10. Golden Brown
11. Walk On By

1. Duchess
2. Lost Control
3. Who Wants The World
4. I've Been Wild
5. Grip
6. Something Better Change
7. Tank
8. Nuclear Device
9. Five Minutes
10. Mine All Mine
11. No More Heroes

Saturday 3 November 2012

The Men In Black The Stranglers Story BBC Radio 2 Broadcast

In a rare acknowledgement of the band's existance, the BBC broadcast an hour long documentary (rockumentary if you will) charting the career of The Stranglers. Narrated by Glen Matlock this was first broadcast in 2004 I think.


Wembley Arena 3rd November 1986

Well it was 26 years ago tonight!

I have revived the link (a victim of the megaupload shutdown) and it can be found here.

Thursday 1 November 2012

Specialized and The Teenage Cancer Trust

This afternoon the funeral of a family friend took place in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. He succumbed to leukaemia at the age of 17. As a huge Specials fan, I know I should have bought this album many months ago, but it was the events of the last few months that kicked my arse into gear as also key to this delayed purchase was the fact that it is a fundraiser for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Now, Josh, for that was the poor lad's name was treated in a ward that had received funding from The Teenage Cancer Trust and from the reports that I heard, the treatment received on this ward (in far more respects than medical treatment alone) was second to none. Such special considerations are really important in this most poignant of patient groups!

Whilst this album has been extremely well publicised and promoted by Paul Willo, The Specials themselves and everyone else connected with it's creation, for what it is worth I wanted to give it another plug on this humble pages.

More information on the album and The Teenage Cancer Trust can be found here.

Oh and while I'm in a plugging mood. All my music savvy mates will be receiving cards this Christmas designed by Horace Panter (again in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust). They can be found here.