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Monday, 4 May 2020

Farewell Dave Greenfield.... Strangler 1975 - 2020

Sorry, I am a bit speechless this evening as the awful news of Dave's passing sinks in. These are absolutely horrible times that we are living through right now and now this.

Those closest to Dave say it best.

“On the evening of Sunday May 3rd my great friend and longstanding colleague of 45 years, the musical genius that was Dave Greenfield, passed away as one of the victims of the Great Pandemic of 2020. All of us in the worldwide Stranglers’ family grieve and send our sincerest condolences to Pam.” – JJ Burnel

“We have just lost a dear friend and music genius, and so has the whole world. Dave was a complete natural in music. Together, we toured the globe endlessly and it was clear he was adored by millions. A huge talent, a great loss, he is dearly missed.” – Jet Black

“We lost a true innovator, musical legend, and one of my dearest friends today. The word genius is bandied around far too easily in this day and age, but Dave Greenfield certainly was one. We stood together on the same side of the stage for 20 years, laughed, joked and shared our lives in the way that only band mates can. I’ll miss him forever. Our thoughts and hearts are with his wife Pam, and to the millions of fans who worshipped at his altar, he’ll never be equalled.” – Baz Warne

“We are all in shock, Dave was a kind, generous soul who had time for anyone and everyone and it has been my privilege to have known him as both a close friend, his tech and manager for over 40 years. Our thoughts are with Pam at this sad time” – Sil Willcox

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Dave Greenfield. He was the difference between The Stranglers and every other punk band. His musical skill and gentle nature gave an interesting twist to the band. He should be remembered as the man who gave the world the music of “Golden Brown”.

 - Hugh Cornwell

There is nothing else to be said right now other than that if there is an consolation to be had it is this, Dave and his band took us on a journey that lasted for over forty years and what a ride it was!

Thank you Dave Greenfield!

'You need hands...'
(Photo: David Boni.... I hope you don't mind)


  1. A Very Sad Day Indeed..Podcarlisle

  2. Nice one Adrian...great tribute mate.

  3. Gutted. The Stranglers meant everything to me as a teenager in the 70s

  4. Sad news indeed, what Hugh said was true, keyboards(Dave) was the difference between The Stranglers and other punk groups, we should celebrate his life, what he gave to us all, not mourn him.

  5. Incredibly sad, unexpected, and gutting. An era comes to an end. Something's gone now that we have to be grateful for having as long as we did.

  6. I am heartbroken, my heart goes out to Pam, The band and fans worldwide.

  7. Shocking sad news to wake up to, R.I.P Dave

  8. Dave created these incredible keyboards riffs and weird sounds that made the Stranglers so special and unique. Death of a genius and most probably death of the band. So long, Dave. RIP.

  9. Hit me like it did with bowie hes been there through my musical upbringing remember seeing pix of him in the punk era thinking he looks like he belongs in uriah heep or something, he cannot be replaced i was listening to them all weekend b4 this happened RIP Dave.