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Saturday 16 November 2013

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

Those that know me will also know that I have for a number of years suffered with lower back pain, which at its worst has rendered me completely immobile. In the last few years I have received numerous opinions as to what the cause of this recurring problem is. Diagnosis has ranged from slipped disc to ruptured disc to scoliosis to non-neurological spina bifida.

After an acute episode a couple of weeks ago, enough was enough and I needed an absolute diagnosis and prognosis after so many years of uncertainty. An MRI scan was arranged and I found myself on a Friday afternoon high up above Tottenham Court Road in a tube for my first MRI experience and it is an experience indeed. Luckily for me I would not consider myself to be overly claustrophobic, but initially I had that uncomfortable situation. Then, the noise kicked in. In terms of sound, I would equate the MRI experience to listening to Kraftwerk... a really early one, pre-Autobahn, where all the elements were in place bar the tune!

Out of gown and properly dressed once again, I claimed by DVD of medical pornography and waited for my next meeting with the consultant. He was not alone as he had invited the physio of Saracens into the room...... clearly looking for opportunities to increase Saturday's packweight!

So the problem turns out to be something of a double whammy. On the one hand, I have extremely short leg muscles, especially the psoas major, which causes a forward tilt and ensures that the muscles in my back are continuously under tension.

The second problem, and here's the rub (on the nerve). From the report:

The L5-S1 disc is degenerate with a prominent annulus fibrosis tear and a central disc protrusion in contact with both SI nerve roots.

A weakness from birth or wear and tear on the spine.... too many punk gigs?

Personally I blame The Stranglers!


  1. I can sympathize....have had back issues for many years. Lately, I found that a stiff mattress to sleep on really helps. Sorry for the troubles...I know it sucks....great blog by the way!!

  2. Nothing worse than any kind of pain, especially chronic pain, you have my sympathy mate... not for the Stranglers fandom of course ;-)

  3. Contracted psoas muscles and disc problems are often caused by imbalances in the spine & stress to the lower back nerves. Time to consult a good chiropractor. They changed my life.