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Saturday, 22 December 2012

20 from '79 (6) The Epileptics, Triad Centre, Bishops Stortford 5th August 1979

The Epileptics, Triad, Bishops Stortford November 1979

A bit of local history in this post. As mentioned in a previous post, my present home town, Bishops Stortford, a semi-rural market town, has something of a rich musical heritage (if you gloss over Shakatak). In the 60's the town, by virtue of the Rhodes Centre, was one of the first gig stopping off points as the bands of the day headed out of London heading north. Later, in the '70's punk bands such as the Banshees, Adam and the Antz and Motorhead passed through, playing Triad. The same venue was to become a focal point for the Harlow/Bishops Stortford based label and scene that went by the name of Stortbeat. Stortford's Epileptics were part of that collective of local bands, but they also bridged over to the emerging Anarcho scene of the late '70s/early '80s (the daddy of the anarcho bands, Crass, were just down the road in Epping).

So here is a little taste of that scene (for Dave Sez - who was in attendance on the day).



01. Anarcheest 69
02. I Hate Life In Debden
03. Tube Disaster
04. 1970’s
05. Two Years Too Late
06. I’ve Got A Target On My Back
07. What Have You Got To Smile About
08. System Rejects
09. Hitler’s Still A Nazi
10. Get Nicked
11. I Can’t Stand Sitting Down
More info can be found on the Stortbeat label here:


  1. Most excellent stuff, thanks a million! Here's another flashback: the Epileptics' first single in 1979 done under the name of the Licks on Stortbeat, the sleeves that went with the various repressings, and a bonus, IMHO one of the best punk synth riffs ever, No Pictures of Us from local group the Sods (not the Danish lot). Hope ya like it, cheers Dave Sez.

  2. Nice to see the grreat nuzz here, and again thanks to Adrian. I forgot to say earlier that the main site for the Harlow/Stortford/North London scene and the circle around Crass is, which has the above-posted Licks' Stortbeat single, the Last Bus to Debden EP taken from this gig, a later Flux gig and tons more stuff for those interested. Penguin of the site has just reposted this gig with thanks to Adrian and some pictures of the Epileptics here:

    Cheers and have a merry Crassmas, Dave Sez.