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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hammersmith Odeon 15th February 1983

'Where's rows A to C Hugh?'
Today marks the anniversary of a gig that never was. 30 years ago tonight, the band were due to play a second night at the Hammersmith Odeon. However, the gig was cancelled by the venue management after fans had ripped out seats in the front row stalls on the previous night and it is this gig that I am sharing with you here.
Quite clearly, the management had figured that with this band came trouble (it's a view that was a little outdated by 1983, but London had always had a difficult relationship with The Stranglers). It was with the ranks of bouncers that, backs to the band stared out a the throng of fans, the band took umbrage with.
To the delight of the crowd, two songs into the set, the band took matters into their own hands and Jet gave the bouncers a dressing down, refusing to play whilst they remained in front of the stage. After prompt negociation with venue officials, the gig continued without security, Hugh having said (to the crowd) that they wouldn't cause any damage. The four men on stage must have felt left with many egg on their faces as a minority of the crowd took it upon themselves to rearrange the furniture regardless of the reassurances that the band had given that resulted in the withdrawal of the venue security.

A big thanks here goes to Dom P, who provided an extremely rapid disc replacement service and in doing so upgraded the sound quality of what I originaly had. Thanks as always Dom!

1 Nuclear Device
2 Toiler on the Sea
3 Jet Winding Up the Bouncers
4 Ships That Pass in the Night
5 Its A Small World
6 Just Like Nothing on Earth
7 No More Heroes
8 Who Wants The World
9 Never Say Goodbye
10 Baroque Bordello
11 Golden Brown
1 Princess Of The Streets
2 Midnight Summer Dream
3 European Female
4 Tramp
5 The Raven
6 Duchess
7 London Lady
8 Nubiles (Cocktail version)
9 Down In The Sewer


  1. thanks for this .and sharing the history behind it appreciate the work you put in, also of the efforts of dom p,

  2. Thanks as always Adrian and Dom P

  3. Hi Adrian
    Thanks for the post today and thanks to Dom P

  4. Cheers Ade, I'd completely forgotten about the seats, but it's all come flooding back now!

  5. I remember this gig well because I was due to go the next night so instead I ended at the later gig at Brighton. Thanks for uploading this.

  6. Thanks Adrian,
    Rowdy gig, very good sound, great interaction with the crowd, hilarious Nubiles version...too bad Sewer is cut short.

  7. I just re read Hugh Cornwell's autobiography and am currently revisiting some of the old Stranglers albums, I remember seeing them at Sheffield on the 'Aural Sculpture' tour (complete with brass section) and amazingly I still have the tour programme and on the 1990 tour, little did I realise what was to come in August, my first memory of the Stranglers live is ironically a cancelled gig as a 13 and a half) year old I was looking forward to a 1981 apperance in Cleethorpes (there is a long story coming up here which Stranglers fans will be familiar with, including an incident from a previous visit in 1977), all is forgiven though and as a 45 year old, I'll be in the crowd at Lincoln in a couple of weeks.

  8. This was my 1st gig. Thought it was normal. Recall Jet asking for the Storm troppers to be removed.
    Remain a big fan

  9. I was at this gig ..My boss at the time was really impressed he was a huge Stranglers fan..great days