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Sunday 21 June 2015

Gary Numan QM Union Glasgow 6th December 2006 - Telekon Revisited

By 1980, Gary Numan released his third album, here deliberately passing by the first eponymous Tubeway Army (or Blue Album), which only came to the attention of the public when re-released on the back of the wider success enjoyed since Numan achieved massive chart prominence. This really was a 'difficult third album' in every sense. By the time the release of 'Telekon' Gary Numan was a major league star who had spent the many months of 1979 and 1980 on the road clocking up tours in Europe, America and Australia. The speed and extent of such rapid stardom was taking its toll on the 22 year old whose Asperger's syndrome was many years away from clinical diagnosis. The strains that he was under were in part communicated to his fanbase through the material that formed 'Telekon'. Titles such as 'Please Push No More', 'Remember I Was Vapour' and 'We Are Glass' revealed much of the stresses that this highly successful but rather fragile young man was under at the time.

'Telekon' saw the end of his black period and with the Wembley farewell shows the following April Numan stated his intention to retire from live performance and the lavish spectacle shows for which he had become known were no more. Musically, he took another turn, this time down an electro-jazz-funk avenue which provided further hits but he was never again to see the commercial success that the trio of albums released in 1979 and 1980 brought him.



01. This Wreckage
02. Remind Me To Smile
03. I Dream Of Wires
04. Telekon
05. The Aircrash Bureau
06. Photograph
07. Sleep By Windows
08. Please Push No More

09. Remember I Was Vapour
10. I'm An Agent
11. We Are Glass
12. The Joy Circuit
13. A Game Called Echo
14. I Die:You Die
15. Down In The Park
16. Are Friends Electric?

The 'Teletour' set 1980


  1. I really like this stuff but can't get into his current seudo satanic stuff at all. It just sounds very dreary

  2. Never my thing, but for those who liked this, Numan continues to revisit his classic albums over here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.