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Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Damned 'The Captain's Last Stand' Brockwell Park 4th August 1984

I had this gig on tape for many years, but sadly it wore out. Luckily some kindly soul replaced it with a lossless copy that was also an upgrade on my old version.

The Greater London Council (G.L.C.) were the former administrative organisation in London. Led by Ken Livingstone, throughout the 1980's they were a constant thorn in the side of the Government of the day headed by one Margaret Thatcher. The two politicians were ideologically poles apart and there was certainly no love lost between them. Eventually, under Thatcher, the G.L.C. was abolished in March 2006.

During the 1980's under Livingstone, the Council hosted a series of free festivals that featured those bands of the day that sympathized with the Council's left wing policies.

This was just one such event.

Incidentally it was in 1984 that I along with two school friends won a public speaking competition on the topic of the arguments against the proposed abolition of the G.L.C. It was an inter-schools competition organised by The Rotary Club of Lewes. Little did we anticipate that the adjudicating rather conservative Rotarians would pick us above the others for the prize.

Back to the gig then, this was to be Captain Sensible's last gig with the band for a number of years, hence the 'Last Stand' reference in the bootleg LP's title.

A great set from a great band.



01. Introduction
02. Love Song
03. Wait For The Blackout
04. Thanks For The Night
05. Rat Rants
06. Disco Man
07. Stranger On The Town
08. Limit Club
09. Neat Neat Neat
10. Noise Noise Noise
11. Smash It Up
12. Looking At You
13. New Rose
14. Hippy Hippy Shake
15. Band Thanks
16. Anarchy In The UK
17. Love Song
18. Nasty

The Damned at Brockwell Park
4th August 1984


  1. Ta Adrian, and a very recent Damned gig can be found here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. It was a really boring day with lots of crap bands. Rain-sun-rain-sun. Off-license was raided. Weird site of a punk riding a city farm (zoo?) horse bare back. Most of us didn't five a damn (excuse the pun) about the GLC - although they gave us some free gigs that summer. Jubilee gardens was good fun but crap music also - good fun for other reasons. There was lots of boozng, speed and weed which saw us through to The Damned - other bands were 'canned' because they were crap and just didn't fit the gig. The rain came down really heavy - fake punks and mohicans were dripping hair colour and many students left. It was worth waiting for when the Damned came on though - The Captain was brilliant but Vanian was just Goth and boring. Never bought anything from The Damned after this gig.