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Friday, 16 December 2011

Ruts DC The Forum Kentish Town 2nd December 2011

It is with great regret that I cannot spice this post up with a recording of this extraordinary night, but please read on.

I was dead exited about this one. A few years ago, when Paul Fox was sadly diagnosed with cancer his contemporaries rallied around and participated in a punk star-studded event to raise money for Foxy's ongoing treatment. The highlight of this night was a set of Rut's material played by Paul, Segs and Ruffy along with the formidable form of Henry Rollins stepping up to the mike for the occasion in place of Malcolm. The gig was blistering and for some inexplicable reason, I was not there!!

A few short weeks later Paul succumbed to his illness. What followed was a film premiere of the excellent DVD of the event (the only film premiere I have been to I might add!). On that occasion, prior to the screening there was more music. A few songs were played, I recall Captain and Henry doing 'It Was Cold' and Beki Bondage doing the sublime 'West One'. That night whilst Segs and Ruffy did appear on stage to introduce the film (resplendant in trilbies and looking every bit like The Untouchables of Uxbridge) they did not play.

So, a mini tour supporting Alabama 3 was going to be my first opportunity to see these two musicians whose music has meant so much to me over so many, many years. But here I have to make a confession. The tour was promoted as Ruts DC in Dub, marking the release of Rhythm Collision Volume 2 and whilst I can claim to know a bit about punk and ska, dub reggae is a little bit out of my comfort zone. That's not to say that I don't like it, but I'm a bit green, so on the night I didn't really know what to expect.

Of the material played, I knew 'Whatever We Do' and 'Fools' which were great, but what sent me into aural orbit was the treatments they gave to some Ruts classics, namely 'Babylon's Burning', 'Jah War', a bit of 'SUS' and 'In a Rut'. See for yourself.

'In A Rut' The Forum
2nd December 2011

New material from the Volume 2 album included 'Mighty Soldier' and 'One Step'. A sampler of the new album is availble for purchase through the official site, here.

It may have been my exitement, the beer or the effect of dub reggae bass frequencies on the brain or indeed a combination of all three, but I thought that Ruts DC were magnificent!

We need more of this stuff. What I want to see now is a full headlining set from the boys. I am up for being educated in dub reggae Ruts DC style, but I would also relish the chance to see more of the 'Animal Now' album live, not to mention more Ruts, 'West One', 'Love in Vein'.......

Live photos by Abbie Jenkinson.


  1. Great stuff , do you have a full audio for this gig, please

  2. Hi,

    Unfortunately I don't have a recording of this gig, nor was it recorded through the soundboard.