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As a collector of their live recordings for many years I want to share some of the better quality material with other fans. By selecting the higher quality recordings I hope to present The Stranglers in the best possible light for the benefit of those less familiar with their material than the hardcore fan.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ruts DC - Da Capo (Again) 2011!

The best band I never saw were undoubtedly The Ruts. Rock solid, with great songs and great attitude. With an inherent understanding of reggae they to my mind were the real deal.... but, but The Clash I hear you say.... You're Just A..... I say!

In 1988 I went to Brunel University way out on the Western extreme of the Metropolitan Line. In my time there I lived in a variety of places, most notably Hayes and Southall. This was The Ruts manor, but of course by 1988 Malcolm Owen was long in his grave and Ruts DC were no more.

However, I got to know people who were acquainted with the band and for whom they were still a great source of local pride. If The Ruts were criminally overlooked (not uncommonly described in the dubious annals of punk rock history as a second division band),  Ruts DC faired even worse, struggling in difficult times with an audience largely resistant to their efforts to move the band in new directions.

Formed the year after Malcolm's tragic demise (Don't Bring Harry indeed!). The surviving members made the decision to continue under the moniker Ruts DC (Da Capo or back to the beginning). In 1981 they realeased the magnificent 'Animal Now' album. It's a very introspective album, perhaps unsurprisingly so given the band's experiences over the previous two years. It succeded in the sense that it hoisted the Ruts banner, but carried it in something of a diferent direction. Sadly, 'Animal Now' has had only the shortest of runs on CD... write to your MPs!

Ruts DC
Mirror Cracked
Hurrah's NYC December 1980

Later, they immersed themselves in dub, releasing Rhythum Collision with Mad Professor in 1982 and it is this album or should I say Rhythum Collision Volume 2 (again with said Mad Professor) that sees the band reaminated for 4 dates supporting Alabama 3, with whom bass Segs has been involved.

More details can be found in this Louder than War interview with Andy Peart.

So by way of celebration of one of the greatest punk bands ever to have been spat at, here's a nice sounding boot of the band in Edinburgh in 1981.


  1. Intro    
  2. A Different View 
  3. Demolition Dancing         
  4. Dangerous Minds  
  5. It Was Cold    
  6. Love In Vain    
  7. Mirror Smashed                     
  8. Formula Eyes 
  9. Despondency              
  10. Fools   
  11. West One (Shine On Me)
  12. Parasites          
  13. Staring At The Rude Boys   
  14. No Time To Kill 
  15. S.U.S. 
  16. Jah War    
  17. A Different View 
  18. Society            
Many thanks to the original uploader for the files and artwork.


  1. I'm the guilty party for the original and artwork. Great blog you have here with some top Stranglers treasures thanks for all your hard work appreciated.

    Marky Dread.

  2. Thanks Marky again for the gig. I plan to put up some more Ruts/Ruts DC material.

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  4. Any chance of reuploading this to mediafire at all? It looks like it would be a cool show to hear again.

  5. Hi Doug, new link has been added.