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Sunday 21 August 2016

Alexandra Palace 11th August 1990

In the five years or so that I have been running this site, I am surprised that I have never posted a recording of this gig. Of all the gigs I could have missed in 1990 and it had to be this one. It was the parting of the ways as Hugh Cornwell walked off the stage after the last chords of 'Punch & Judy' had faded and ceased to be a Strangler.

Looking back, I do not really regret missing this gig (it was due to the fact that my soon to be brother-in-law was getting married in Cumbria) as I do not think that it is really representative of how the band were playing throughout the earlier '10 tour' gigs. Many of those that were in attendance that night share with me the view this gig did not see Hugh depart in a blaze of glory, it was more of a sputtering out. Maybe it was Hugh himself, alone with the knowledge that this was to be his last gig with the band or maybe it was the venue, a huge, cavernous space not really cut out for rock concerts. Whatever the reason, it was not the best performance of that time. Anyway, by request, here is the full gig,



01. Intro
02. Toiler On The Sea
03. Something Better Change
04. Shakin'like A Leaf
05. 96 Tears
06. Someone Like You
07. Sweet Smell Of Success
08. Always The Sun
09. Strange Little Girl
10. Hanging Around
11. Where I Live
12/13. School Mam
14. Let's Celebrate

01. Uptown
02. Tank
03. Was It You?
04. Down In The Sewer
05. Crowd
06. Golden Brown
07. No More Heroes
08. Nuclear Device
09. Duchess
10. All Day And All Of The Night
11. Punch And Judy


  1. Thanks a lot for bringing this one up.

  2. Thanks! Never heard the full audience recording of this. I was there and thought it was OK!
    Dom P

    1. This is not the full audience recording , last 2 songs are from Live At Alexandra Palace 11 August 1991 cd single.

  3. I, too, kicked myself after missing this as I had seen them a couple of times on this tour already and have never been a fan of outdoor/festival gigs. I couldn't believe it when the news about Hugh came through later. That said, the video of the event makes for a very lacklustre experience, so I think I'm over it now!