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Monday 23 June 2014

JJ Burnel King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow 26th November 2005

Someone recently requested some Glasgow gigs, so here is one with a difference. As part of a series of gigs arranged in conjunction with music chain Soundcontrol, a friend John Buchanan (then working with Soundcontrol) was involved in getting this gig together at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. As I suggested in the first line of the post, this is not a typical Stranglers related gig in Glasgow, certainly not what JJ was anticipating. Never intended to be a normal gig, and clearly billed as a Q&A/anecdote based appearance, the evening wasn't what a small section of the crowd was expecting and they let their feelings be known, very vociferously (drink had been taken), from start to finish of the 1 hour performance.

To his credit, JJ handled the situation admirably, but I understand, at the end, a quiet exit was made from a side door of the venue.

A recording from Bristol a few days earlier show that the set was rather curtailed as a result of the heckling idiots. Quality is not great, but it serves as an interesting document of a night out in Glasgow.

Here's some artwork courtesy of MeAnIe.


01. Chat
02. Dagenham Dave
03. Chat
04. Skin Deep
05. Chat
06. European Female
07. Chat
08. Un Jour Parfait (abandoned)
09. Chat
10. In The End
11. Chat
12. Where I Live
13. Chat


  1. I was at this gig , and it lasted about 90 minutes , only two thirds was recorded , I don't know why the last part was not done? Maybe it was recorded but the taper did not put out the complete gig.

  2. Thanks Adrian, here's a link, may or may not work, to some artwork

  3. TheGlasgowStrangler26 June 2014 at 05:13

    Thanks alot man! i love all these scottish gigs. keep em coming if you can. Your a legend!

  4. I was at this one as well. It would have been a very enjoyable evening but for the vocal and persistent hecklers down at the front. Could see JJ getting more annoyed as the evening went on too.

  5. I was at this one.a good gig spoiled by mouthy twats down the front.i remember a glass getting thrown and smashed and jj getting annoyed at 2 women in front of him blabbing away and not listening.the only thing I can remember that's not on this recording is a version of I hate you which was slower than the suite xiv version.

  6. hI Adrian